Premier League Advertising

Advertising 2018/9 and 2019/20 season on Perimeter advertising boards at Premier League stadiums will get you billions of people seeing your brand globally.

Advertising in 10 Premier League stadiums is far more cost-effective than sponsoring a Premier League club at £5M per season. 

And if you want to be advertising when Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea/Arsenal are playing it's unlikely you'll get any presence unless you are one of those clubs' partners, (At £1M-£10M) unless you know how.

And as well as being less expensive Premier League advertising has other benefits over shirt sponsorship.

  • It's more flexible
  • You are not attached to one team
  • You can always get big matches
  • Logos and websites are seen more on boards
  • You can message using LED advertising

UK companies can benefit from advertising and reaching 5-6 Million viewers on terrestrial and satellite TV. But global companies can reach billions of viewers.

You can potentially send millions of customers to your website - with perimeter stadium advertising.

Please give us an approximation of your budget for a season or one-off match e.g. FA Cup and we will offer you an advertising schedule for your brand using perimeter advertising.

The measurement of customer direct response to seeing a perimeter advert is possible. Use unique phone numbers, SMS messages and unique landing pages on websites all make this possible.

The limited number of places available for advertising at Premier League stadia make this an elite club you can join.
You can now secure perimeter advertising at Premier League venues for 2019/20 season  and beyond through KAM Sports International.

To book your brand on to Premier League stadium advertising,
in the world's biggest sporting league - call us today on 01992 534332

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