OSN Cup[ 01 OCT 2013 ]
 Head Coach and Technical Recruitment[ 12 JUN 2012 ]
 Team and Player Bonus[ 22 JUN 2011 ]
 Professional Football League Clubs Can Reduce Wages and Incentivise Players With Financial Rewards Covered by Insurance.
 Money Back Promotions[ 01 DEC 2010 ]
 Use major TV and sporting events to sell more. Grab your free report on money back promotions and conditional rebates here...
 Pre-Season[ 26 JUN 2009 ]
 Pre-Season And Friendly Matches Arranged For Premier League and European Clubs...
 Premier League Advertising[ 04 SEP 2008 ]
 Stadium Advertising at Premier League stadia can get you an audience of several billion for your brand. If you want information on Perimeter Advertising | Sports Signage | Stadium Advertising | Sports Advertising | Pitch Perimeter Advertising | Stadium Perimeter Advertising | Premier League Pitch Advertising | Premier League Perimeter Advertising | LED Stadium Advertising then we can supply it.
 KAM Sports International - Specialist Football Agency[ 22 APR 2008 ]
 KAM Sports International is the football agency for clubs, federations, sponsors and the industry. We are the football marketing experts.
 CLUBS[ 22 APR 2008 ]
 KAM Sports International provides professional football and soccer clubs with expert industry consultation for on the pitch and off the pitch success including football marketing, football sponsorship, football internet.
 KAM Sports International works with more than fifty of the top FIFA Football Federations globally in arranging matches and producing development programmes for national teams at all levels.
 Contact KAM Sports International[ 22 APR 2008 ]
 The contact page for KAM Sports International. Use this to get in touch with us.
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