100 Countries, 1000 matches, 10 million fans.

We have arranged football matches on behalf of Football Federations for more than 25 years. 

Here are a few people who publicly support us and our work...

"We have had the priviledge of working with KAM Sports International for the last 15 years and have formed a deeply rewarding partnership with them based on mutual trust
Sam H Ka, Former General Secretary, Korea FA.

"KAM Sports International are very professional in their work “ Lars Richt, Head of National Teams, Swedish FA.

"KAM Sports International are very competent and sports minded with a fine net of contacts within the international football world." Jim Hansen, General Secretary, Danish FA.

"We can clearly attest to the high level of commitment and professionalism that the entire KAM Sports International team brings to each project" Dan Flynn, CEO/ Secretary General, US Soccer.

Our matches are now too numerous to list!!! And because of client confidentiality we 
cannot now list all the matches we arrange!

MATCHES ARRANGED 2012 - 2014 include:

Thailand, Denmark, Norway, Korea Rep                          15-21 January 2012
Trinidad & Tobago          v         Finland                         22 January 2012

Trinidad & Tobago Oly   v         Finland                         25 January 2012

Japan                              v         Iceland                         24 February 2012   

Wales                              v         Costa Rica                    29 February 2012

Mexico Oly                      v         Senegal Oly                  17 March 2012

Mexico                            v         Wales                            27 May 2012

Mexico                            v        Bosnia & Herz.              31 May 2012

Hong Kong                     v        Singapore                       1 June 2012

Denmark                         v         Australia                       2 June 2012

Hong Kong                     v         Vietnam                         10 June 2012

Korea Oly                       v         New Zealand Oly            14 July 2012
Japan Oly                       v         Belarus Oly                    18 July 2012

Korea Rep Oly                v         Senegal Oly                    20 July 2012

Japan Oly                       v          Mexico Oly                    21 July 2012

Singapore                      v          Hong Kong                   15 August 2012 

Scotland                        v          Australia                        15 August 2012

Serbia                            v         Rep.Ireland                    15 August 2012

Sweden                         v         China                             6 September 2012

Lebanon                       v         Australia                        6 September 2012

Poland                          v        South Africa                  12 October 2012   

Thailand, Finland, Sweden, DPR Korea                     23 - 26 January 2013

Korea                          v         Croatia                              6 February 2013

Romania                    v           Australia                          6 February 2013


Sweden                                     v          FYR Macedonia            3 June 2013
 Egypt                                        v          Botswana                       4 June 2013
Bermuda                                   v          England ‘C’                    4 June 2013
Mexico                                      v          Ivory Coast                   14 August 2013
Bosnia & Herzogovina            v          U S A                             14 August 2013
Mexico                                      v          Ivory Coast                   14 August 2013

OSN Cup , Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia
OSN Cup 2013

UAE                                       v         Trinidad & Tobago              5 September 2013
Saudi Arabia                        v          New Zealand                       5 September 2013
France                                  v          Australia                               11 October 2013
Serbia                                  v         Japan                                     11 October 2013
Canada                                v         Australia                                15 October 2013
Belarus                                v         Japan                                      15 October 2013

Australia                             v         Costa Rica                              19 November 2013

Korea Rep                          v          Costa Rica                              25 January 2014
Mexico                                v         Korea Rep                                29 January 2014
USA                                    v          Korea Rep                               1 February 2014
Australia                            v          Ecuador                                   5 March 2014
Saudi Arabia                     v          Moldova                                   24 May 2014
 Saudi Arabia                    v          Georgia                                    29 May 2014
 Australia                          v          South Africa                             25 May 2014
 New Zealand                    v          South Africa                            30 May 2014
 Croatia                              v          Australia                                  6 June 2014
 Belgium                            v          Australia                                  4 September 2014
 Korea Rep                        v          Uruguay                                  8 September 2014
 Saudi Arabia                    v          Australia                                 8 September 2014
 Saudi Arabia                    v          Uruguay                                 10 October 2014
 Korea Republic                v          Paraguay                               10 October 2014
 UAE                                   v          Australia                               10 October 2014 
China PR                           v          Paraguay                               14 October 2014 
Qatar                                  v          Australia                               14 October 2014
Japan                                 v         Australia                               18 November 2014

KAM have assisted Football Federations in sourcing the right technical staff and help with football development programmes at Under 21, Olympic and Senior levels

KAM Sports International can explain how we helped South Korea get to the Semi-Finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the Korea Olympic Team to a bronze medal at London 2012

More than 50 International Football Federations have trusted us to arrange the right game in the right place at the right time at the right terms, often at short notice.

As well as finding the right FIFA ranking opponents we take care of logistics, often bringing in players from several different countries to a central location as well as ensuring training facilities, hotels and venues are of the right quality.

If you are a FIFA Federation looking for a match, coach or development programme get in touch.

The commercial aspects of matches such as Football TV rights and perimeter advertising and consumer promotions around matches are also an area of expertise.

We recognise the significance of an international football match for all value partners, the Federation, the Coach, the players, the fans, the media and football sponsors associated with the event.

KAM Sports International is trusted by Football Federations clubs worldwide and has arranged more than 1000 international matches at all levels on their behalf.

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