Money Back Promotions

KAM Sports International are money back special and conditional rebate specialists.

  1. Simply tell us what product or service you want to sell.
  2. Advise us of the percentage margin you have for promotional purposes.
  3. Tell us your target market e.g. men aged 24-35 so we can find the appropriate offer

Example - hotel rooms

You are the Chelsea hotel in London. You want to run an offer to fill up Sunday nights. Your rooms are £100 for the double occupancy and you have 80% margin.

You decide to run an offer based on football and offer 100% money-back when the Chelsea game ends 0-0. You get 50 room bookings at £5000 in total. And hedging this £5000 costs £600.

There are two outcomes;
  1. There are goals and you don't have to refund the customers.
  2. The match ends 0-0, you get your £5000 in 7 days to refund the customers.

We are specialists at marketing money back offers

Banks, estate agents, car dealers - everyone is looking at money-back because it works.

Many companies allow a 10% margin to give to affiliates or partners. This can be used instead to hedge the money back offer.

An offer works like this...


1 Publicise the offer

2 Sell the product

3 Bill your clients

4 Pay the hedging to cover the risk

5 The event happens and you get the money to refund clients

6 The event doesn't happen we keep premium.

If you have an idea, or an inkling of one.... Call 01992 534332


KAM Sports helps Artist Gives Million Pound Brighton House Away
When Brighton Get Promoted... 

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You have to agree everyone loves the thought of getting something for nothing.

When you know what you are doing this is a fast way to get people buying your product, whatever it is, often without anything more than free PR.

As Dr Chris Chambers from the University of Cardiff says...
"Despite how sophisticated these neural networks are, it is illuminating to see how the brain sometimes comes up with wrong and overly optimistic answers despite the evidence." (Read the report here...)

It's quite easy for a member of the public to buy something they want from you because they believe they have got a good chance of getting something for nothing.


It also makes his life more exciting. It makes shopping fun!

And marketing is easy because this type of promotion makes it easy for customers to choose you. But you want success and you want it guaranteed!

The great thing is that you don't buy any hedging until you have already sold something!

And When You Run An Offer Like This You STAND OUT.

You have shaken the market with an unbeatable offer.

One that can’t be price-shopped online.

Something that appeals to the “getting-something-for-nothing crowd.”

  • Ticket Exchange Viagogo have used money back promotions to sell tens of thousands of pound worth of tickets.
  • Toshiba who sold 11,000+ televisions on an offer like this last year!
  • And other fans of the money back promotion include Currys (TV's) KPF (Designer Kitchens) and one Spanish Electronics company that paid back 4 Million Euros to its customers when Spain won the World Cup!

What’s more likely to get buyers clamouring for your products?

A 5% discount or “GET THIS FREE When...”

For most people, the lure of 5% is neither here nor there. Not worth crossing the road for. But getting the product totally FREE? That’s worth a browse, a click, a call.


And the reason it offers a lifeline to the confused, harassed and time-pressed consumer is that it gives them an instant reason to buy from you.

You see all things being equal; people struggle to choose a company to buy from. That’s why so many online shopping carts get abandoned. People are scared of making the wrong decision. They simply don’t trust themselves to get it right.

Make it easy for customers to choose you.

Promote a money back offer with the words FREE and they’ll thank you for it. They’ll decide that you are the best person to buy from and justify their decision based on logic.

You can use sport, entertainment and even the weather to sell more.

These promotions are easy to market, get massive word of mouth sales and ethically steal customers away from your rivals... Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use this concept to sell more of your products and services...

We'll send you a report on why money back promotions tap into the psychology of buyers.

Email today for more information and ideas on how money-back promotions can work for you or call us (0) 1992 534332

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