Head Coach and Technical Recruitment

Head Coach and National Team Manager Recruitment

We provide services to more than 50 FIFA Federations - which means that we are ideally placed to assist in the recruitment of top coaches for national teams.


For example, we helped the Korea FA recruit Guus Hiddink for their 2002 World Cup campaign, (which saw them reach the semi-final stage).

Many Federations would like to recruit a new Head Coach without the problems associated with the media hype surrounding the appointment, (and the possible embarassment of being turned-down).

It's a fact of life that many Federations do not have time to plan a successor to their current Head Coach, until there is a crisis. This leads to potential problems with recruitment. A new coach may not be available, interim management may be required and wrong decisions may be made in the rush to find someone available.

Because we have more than 20 years experience we can represent the Federation in the right way. Managers have agents to protect them and promote them. Shouldn't you?


How we work

Federations brief us on the type of coach they want, when they want to appoint and budget.

We provide a list of potential candidates from which the Federation can shortlist potential new manager or head coach. If the Federation has a target in mind - we move on to the next step.

Contacting the potential International Head coach

We contact the targets confidentially to assess their desire for the role. This is a key element of our skills. We educate them about the position available.

As we are not "publicity seekers" this process is done without media publicity

Helping secure the International Head coach

We help in negotiating with the prospective Head coach and his representatives, including any bonus arrangements that can be hedged.

Who we represent

At all times we represent the Federation. We act for the Federation and in their interests. We are paid by the Federation on a fixed fee basis.


Contact us in confidence on +44 (0) 1992 534332

*We also arrange for Technical staff such as Assistant Coaches, Heads of Sports Science and Technical Staff.

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