Sales Promotions Using Sport And The World Cup

What can you offer your prospective retail clients in the run up to the World Cup 2010?

Are You Looking For World Cup Promotions?

Do You Want A Queue Of Red Hot Customers
Wanting To Buy What You Have To Sell?

Great...Because All You Have To Do Is Offer
Them Something For Nothing.

Buy This Car And When England Win the World Cup 
and Rooney Scores In The Final It's Yours - For FREE! 

If anyone is going to score in the final
it's gonna be Rooney!

So make sure you tap into what people
are already thinking about.  It's 100 times
better than providing a 10% discount!

~Check out the cartoon - does this resonate with you?

Get more than your fair share of customers
that love sport and are looking for
your products to buy, based on the get
something for nothing principle!

Imagine being able to offer your customers a
free product if England win the World Cup?

As a retailer, you can be involved in the world's biggest sporting events.

Most people talk about sports every day.
And most people want to buy something

every day, (although they don't like to be sold to!)

Because of this there's nothing more
natural than combining sports with people buying!

Many companies pay millions of pounds to
sponsor events like the Olympics, World Cup,
Champions League, Test Cricket, Rugby, Golf,
Formula One - this list is endless.

But let me tell you a secret.

Most sponsors don't even know how
to get people to buy their products through
their sponsorship - simply put, 

they cannot tell you if sponsorship works!

In fact, it's even worse because they
waste their money trying to force a 'sell'

when they should be using sport to
channel willing 'buyers' to their products.

And even then, the best marketing is often done
by those that "ambush" the official sponsors!

We saw that in the World Cup in Korea when
the Red Devils fans were sponsored by the
unofficial telecoms company.

For you, the retailer, the media owner,
the sales promotion agency... there's something
 that is far more effective than spending
thousands of pounds on a sponsorship that
quite simply cannot be proven to work.

And the funny thing is that is is being used
to generate millions of transactions

everyday from customers!

Those customers who willingly buy from

companies who don't pay a penny in any sponsorship fees!

The betting industry has been transformed into an
entertainment business,
generating billions of
pounds of profit, millions of daily transactions,
without paying a penny in sponsorship fees.

It uses the human brain's desire for
"getting something for nothing" to
generate killer "calls to action" - 
the trigger that makes people want to buy.

Now your retail business can use the same
powerful techniques as the

betting industry to generate willing
buyers who will choose your company.

Quite simply, every sporting event has
an outcome. And every bet has an outcome too.

You either win or lose your bet depending
on the outcome, right?

Actually that's WRONG! Because there's a third way,
a route less travelled,

a unique selling point,
call it what you will but basically it's this.........


A very innovative betting company called Paddy Power has used
this to grow to a £2 billion turnover company
using the type of 'money back' offer available to you!


You can create massive excitement, huge media
interest and gain massive market  share in the
lead up to the biggest sporting events in the World.

Just by offering something unbeatable to the
buyers looking for a deal;

"Buy a Plasma Screen from us and if England wins the
 World Cup you get your money back!

or how about someone like Nationwide Building
Society doing the following?

"Get a mortgage from us - buy a house - enter the
free draw -  and if England wins the Final of World
Cup 2010 you could get your mortgage paid
off - courtesy of Nationwide!"

or how about?

"Buy a Hyundai car and if England win the World
Cup  you get your money back”

Frank Keane BMW  created just such a promotion
for the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Frank offered each customer who bought a
BMW in July/August €10,000 cash back if
Ireland won the World Cup.

Toshiba offered a 66% percent discount
off laptops for the 2006 World Cup.


There are 45 million England fans in the country!
So there's your target market!

They all believe England can win the World Cup,
(look at the car flags at the beginning of each tournament!)

So the offer is believable, doable and downright fantastic!

It gives the ultimate call to action for any  England
 supporter that's in the market for a new Plasma
TV on which to watch their team play!

The buyer simply imagines England winning
 the World Cup and then sees his free Plasma TV.

What we see, and even what we imagine,
 is what we believe to be true, even if it hasn't happened yet!

Basic Human Psychology Studies Show
Time And Time Again That  Millions Of People Will Act On

"Getting Something For Nothing!"

That's why millions play the lottery - even though
the odds are 14 million to 1!

Because you know from personal experience
that odds like this are no
barrier to buyers,
just imagine what the average buyer will do .......

When they can buy your product and they
think that they have a 1 in 10 chance

that they are going to get it for free!

And fans of sport always believe their team
or player or country will

do better than the actual odds - that's why
 the bookies always win!

So - Get Your Money Back is the killer
 "call to action".

What's more this type of promotion is totally
flexible and only limited by your imagination.

You don't have to stick to the England football team.
You can use the sports

calendar of major events and the public
sentiment to give you a reason to

engage customers every single month.

In JULY it could be a promotion based on
Andy  Murray winning Wimbledon.

In 2011 it could be Great Britain coming
third in the medal table in the 2012 Olympics!

It could be about someone winning X Factor
 or Strictly Come Dancing.

And it's not just about people buying TV's!!

People will buy computers, cars,

mobile phones, holidays even houses!

Because Getting Something For Nothing is
the biggest call to action
you can get!

How You Can Be The "Get Something For Nothing" Champions!

Now all you have to know is how a promotion like this works.

Let's take the TV example above.

You offer this money back promotion for the World Cup
2010 in your normal advertising or special offer.

 (Which won't cost you anymore because you already
do marketing right?!)

Your customer buys a TV from you for £1000
and registers for the money back offer.

We then "hedge" your refund liability (£1000)
at a fixed price and for an amount proportionate
 to the number of customers registered.

You only pay for success! In fact you can
pay a weekly fee just to cover the sales
you have already made!

Let's say the hedge price of England
winning tournament is 17%.

We ask you for £170 (17% of £1000)
 per registered customer.

If England win the final, we pay you
£1000 for each registered customer and then
refund the money to your customers.

It's that simple.

But, what it gives you is a unique promotion,
and one that is not based on PRICE!

And the good news is that if you pay out it's a fantastic

result for you and for the customer!

It's a WIN WIN promotion - the best you can get.

It's not insurance either, where you have to prove everything and
anything to get the money!

This offer generates much greater impact than a
17% equivalent discount because the buyer

is always thinking about You!

It  reinforces the link in the customer's mind
between the you and the sport or event you choose.     

It enable you to gain market share from rivals and
engages customers that  you can sell multiple other products to!

Unless you are going to be the cheapest
seller of your product, then you have to
have something else to offer.

Something different but ideally something that
has already been tried and tested!

The "get something for nothing idea" has been tested as
"Buy One Get One Free" 3 For The Price Of 2, and of course,
by the betting industry everyday!

You Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel But You Must
Use It To Get You Where You Want To Go!

Tell me, how would you buy any consumer product nowadays?

It's a straightforward process. You go online and info
shop (read the reviews)
and then you price shop
(search for a bargain) or you look for a compelling offer.

When anyone can look online and info shop and
then price shop, it's down to the compelling
offer to make the difference.

And if you always compete on price, it only takes a
penny difference for someone

to sell at a LOWER price than you then you
have lost a potential customer.

(Check out Amazon to see how bookstores
get to the top of the resale book

market, you'll see prices such as £4.69.
£4.68, £4.67 all based on being

the cheapest seller).

Millions of pounds are spent everyday on
sports sponsorship. Don't waste your money!

It's so easy to be associated with sports,
which is all about Achievement!

The reason people turn to the back pages
of the newspapers for sport is because

the back pages celebrate Human Achievement
- be part of it! (The front page records Human


Get more than your fair share of customers
that love sport and are looking for
your products to buy, based on the get
something for nothing principle!

Email us today with your phone number, company name
and website address and
what product you want to sell more of and
 the retail price. Or call us for super-fast service!

01992 534332 and speak to Keith D'Arcy.

How many heads would this promotion turn your way?

"Buy Any Toyota Avensis
And When England Win The
Big One In South Africa 2010
We'll Gift You A Yaris For Free."

So it would only be £1700 per Toyota Avensis
sold to cover each Yaris give away.

Cashback promotions for sport and entertainment
 including "If England Win The World Cup"
are awesome marketing tools.

Sports retail promotions save you the massive
financial strain of sponsoring an event but allow
you to profit from it.

 Find out more about marketing with
"get your money back if England win".

PS this idea can work with kitchens, TV's, mobile phones, selling hospitality,  - whatever you sell let us know and we'll come up with the ideas. You only pay when you use them.

Some people call this type of insurance prize indemnity insurance or contest insurance or promotions insurance or promotional insurance. Call it what you will, it works!
Just check out this guy who won more than 400,000 Euros at a half-time football competition


To get started today call  01992 534332 or international + 44 1992 534332

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You can offer £10,000, £100,000, £250,000 or even a £MILLION to one lucky fan for a half-time kicking competition.

It can be;

  • hit the crossbar 2 out of three times from the penalty spot
  • hit the crossbar from the half-way line,
  • shoot the ball through a hole in a board or into the boot of a car
  • or any other event that you can think of...

Set up a half time challenge.
Promote it via partners and sponsors before the event.

Get tens of thousands of entries.
(Brands love this).
And then add massive drama to

your half time events.

Just like this incredible £250,000 winner of a half time promotion...

Get in touch on 01992 534332 or international + 44 1992 534332

Alternatively email

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